Sergiy Kadulin is a professional fine art photographer working in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Sergiy Kadulin Art Photography was established as a professional practice in 2013.

Sergiy creates fine art photographs and prints focusing on such major themes as landscapes, nature, architecture and urban life. On creative side he works with abstracts, traditional fine art and macro still life photography.

Sergiy uses digital technology to create photographs, combining studio and natural environment, adding digital compositions, collages and mixed graphics and painting during post-processing.

For Sergiy, photography is a delicate instrument, a passion and a source of learning and exploring of surrounding world. His works reflect his believe that photographs can transfer thoughts and energy of photographer through the art work to the viewer, in the same way as light photons can transfer energy.

"I pass my love and passion through photographs to people, who wish to see light and beauty of this world", – says Sergiy.

He looks for subjects which open up unusual to the eye, raise questions, or tell stories of non expected. Capability of photography to show way beyond what human eye can see, and ability to contain illusion of time in visual form attract and is widely used by the artist.

While having photographed on films in the past, Sergiy today takes all advantages and creative power of digital technology. He often works in collage because it allows him to highlight contradictions and create new forms, subjects and meanings.

All photographs presented on this site, are limited edition of 11 prints, available for purchase.

Personal exhibitions

2011 – SIKKIM.BEGINNING. Gallery of Art Development Support Fund, Kyiv, Ukraine

2011 – SIKKIM.BEGINNING. Kyiv School of Photography, Donetsk, Ukraine

2017 – DISCOVER AMERICA. America House, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2017 – CIVILIZATION. Gallery 83, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Group exhibitions

2016 – International Photographic Exhibit, Imaging USA, Atlanta, USA

2016 – Landscape. Modern Look. M17 Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 – XI National photobienale "Nature 2016". Ivano-Frankivsk – Dresden – Rzeszow – Vorokhta

2017 – Finalists of Ukrainian Photoclubs annual competition (1st place), Kyiv, Ukraine

2018 – Ukrainian Fine Art Photography 2017, National Museum Kyiv Art Gallery, Ukraine

2018 – AkT. Exposure, cultural space AkT, "Platforma" art-manufacturing, Ukraine

2018 – Milky Way Art Project, Latvijas okupacijas muzejs, Riga, Latvia

2018 – PHOTO KYIV international exhibition, Chicago house, Ukraine

2019 – Gerilya exhibition, Kyiv Art Week, Spivakovska Art:ego cultural Center, Ukraine

2019 – THE CODE, Mandarin Maison Art Gallery, Ukraine


2010 – Professional photography, Kyiv School of Photography, Kyiv

2010-2012 – Professional photography, New York Institute of Photography, New York

2020 – Video production and motion design, Profile School, St. Peterburg


If you wish to buy limited edition artworks, please send your order via e-mail to, or call +39 (067) 465 2907

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