Sergiy Kadulin Art Photography | Yellow | Legends of sacred Ovruch, Ukraine
Legends of sacred Ovruch, Ukraine

Legends of sacred Ovruch, Ukraine

Abstract collage created from the photographs made in St. Vasily Cathedral in Ovruch, Ukraine.
It all happened in July, 2017, when I received an assignment to photograph paintings on the wall of an ancient cathedral in Ovruch - small city about 200 km north of Kyiv. I've never been to this place before, and imagine my feelings, when I discovered that this St. Vasily Cathedral was founded by St. Vladimir The Great, and it is more than 1000 years old!
The assignment turned out to be the most technically difficult in my professional photography practice – due to the fact that interior of the Cathedral was almost completely dark, and many of the wall paintings were at the height of 5-6 meters and up.
According to my knowledge, I was the first photographer in history who documented interior and paintings of this amazing place.
This collage has been created in the memory of this beautiful place and great people I met there.